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    At Young Safe Drivers, we are dedicated to making the Texas roads a safer place for other teenage drivers. Learning to drive is one of those milestones in life we take for granted, but it comes with great responsibility. We're leading the charge to keep our Austin roads safe.

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    With new technology comes new responsibility. YSD is using state of the art simulation software to help our teenage drivers learn the ins and outs of driving long before they're of legal driving age. Thereby making them far more prepared when they turn 16.

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Who We Are

Young Safe Drivers is a group of 12 dedicated volunteers in Austin, TX, All members of the Texas Driving Association. We are a non-profit funded entirely by YOUR GENEROUS DONATIONS.

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What We Do

  • Prevent

    The leading cause of death amongst individuals under the age of 18 involves an auto accident, and frequently additionally includes alcohol. We aim to prevent...

  • Social Teaching

    Bringing students together to learn from each other...

  • Educating

    Using the latest in software to educate our young adults about driving safety standards...

  • Fundraising

    Are you interested in helping our cause? Join a lead sponsorship program and get the training you need to join our efforts...

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